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Investment Management

At Clarity, we use the asset allocation approach in constructing our clients’ portfolios. We utilize research from third party firms and work closely with their teams to help us construct portfolios taking into account current market and economic conditions as well as each of our client’s unique circumstances.

We utilize equities, fixed income securities, alternative assets, and cash to create diversified portfolios. We have the ability to invest in individual securities, exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs), and mutual funds. Since we are an institutional money manager, we have access to funds that are not available to retail investors. We screen and select securities based on certain standards including performance, suitability, cost, and tax efficiency.

Proper investment management is the means by which clients achieve their financial goals. We customize portfolios for clients, taking into account their current resources, previous investment experience, risk tolerance level, and time horizon.

Asset Allocation